Cardiff Boy- Red Oak Theatre

Set and Costume Design

Director: Matthew Holmquist. Writer-Kevin Jones. Lighting Designing- Ryan Joseph Stafford. Sounds and SM- Josh Bowles. Actor- Jack Hammet.

“April Dalton’s set design is perfect, the audience sat at tables in a dive of a pub – all smoky ashtrays and Brains Bitter beermats”- Nicholas Davies, THE STAGE.

“Cardiff Boy is a wonderful production…April Dalton’s design, assisted by Lauren Dix, is phenomenal and deserves recognition”- Gareth Ford-Elliott

“The action takes place in a pub and one of the beautiful things about April Dalton’s set and Matthew Holmquist's direction is that we, the audience, are all facing each other as the action takes place around us. One of the biggest joys for me on the evening was seeing the faces of the other audience members as we shared laughter and tears in this most powerful of immersive theatre experiences.”

“Designer April Dalton has expertly crafted a time capsule 90s pub room…From the garish mish-mashed carpet, to the velvet covered bar stools, battered low tables and even plastic ashtrays. Stepping in from the bar at Porters- all 00’s cool and Hipsters- feels like being pulled back in time to pubs and Britpop. You can almost smell the time of cigarette smoke and alcoho-pops.”- Emily Garside, The Nerdy Notebook