Four Seasons- New English Ballet Theatre

'Lee’s choreography is skilfully offset by Dalton’s exquisite costume designs. From flared floral print dresses in the pink and lilac hues of summer, to the bronze tones of Autumn, and the jagged, sparkling bodices of winter, Dalton’s designs enliven the stage.' - Rachel Elderkin, Exeunt Magazine. 

‘stunning costumes by April Dalton’- Johnny Tait- LondonTheatre 1.com

‘Lee’s well-crafted work has an attractively varied sweep with costumes (by April Dalton) to match’- Donald Hutera, The Times

‘The vision is aided by Andrew Ellis’ distinctive lighting design and April Dalton’s quirky costumes – together these creative elements produce striking silhouettes for us to admire.’ - Georgina Butler

‘April Dalton’s vibrant costumes representing each season, the colours really bring Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter to life before our eyes.’ - Angela Johnson, Entertainment Focus.

‘Stylish affair’- Vikki Vile, Culture Whisperer


Cardiff Boy- Red Oak Theatre

“April Dalton’s set design is perfect, the audience sat at tables in a dive of a pub – all smoky ashtrays and Brains Bitter beermats”- Nicholas Davies, THE STAGE.

Cardiff Boy is a wonderful production…April Dalton’s design, assisted by Lauren Dix, is phenomenal and deserves recognition”- Gareth Ford-Elliott

“The action takes place in a pub and one of the beautiful things about April Dalton’s set and Matthew Holmquist's direction is that we, the audience, are all facing each other as the action takes place around us. One of the biggest joys for me on the evening was seeing the faces of the other audience members as we shared laughter and tears in this most powerful of immersive theatre experiences.”

“Designer April Dalton has expertly crafted a time capsule 90s pub room…From the garish mish-mashed carpet, to the velvet covered bar stools, battered low tables and even plastic ashtrays. Stepping in from the bar at Porters- all 00’s cool and Hipsters- feels like being pulled back in time to pubs and Britpop. You can almost smell the time of cigarette smoke and alcoho-pops.”- Emily Garside, The Nerdy Notebook


The River- Red Oak Theatre

'April Dalton’s set design is beautiful. Perfectly fitting in Loco Klub’s cavernous venue, the set is sparse and elegant, evoking the feel of seclusion, of being surrounded by water.....For me, the standout is that set, which is one of the most innovative I’ve seen; it creates a haunting and beautiful effect that really stuck with me'- Weston-Super-Mum



Vertex- New English Ballet Theatre

'It's clean, minimal design – across set, costume and choreography – results in a fresh, enjoyable work' - Rachel Elderkin, Exeunt Magazine. 

'Elegant'- Lynette Halewood, Dance Tabs


Dames- Pleasance Theatre

"April Dalton’s set design – all golden streamers, feathers, loo roll and glitter – is a triumph. Intertwining the anarchic, chaotic club atmosphere with a surrealist filter, it’s trashy and frenetic, setting club toilets in an odd twilight world that feels like it’s on some sort of LSD"- Maggie Kelly, Theatre Bubble